The Original Slurry Management Experts

Since 1973

The Original Slurry Management Experts

Since 1973

Safe and Cost Effective Slurry Management Products

Established by Mr John O’Donovan in Cork, Ireland, Dairypower have established themselves as the best solution for slurry management, cementing their reputation with efficient, high-quality systems and premium customer service.

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Now exporting to over 40 countries worldwide, we build systems suitable for all kinds of climates. Explore our worldwide installs.

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Smart Slurry Aeration Installed in West Cork!

Our team were recently on hand to install a new Smart Slurry Aeration System for a dairy farm in West Cork.

With a sophisticated network of pipes, this system will ensure that their slurry is ready to spread all year round!

✔️ Retrofitted system to match farmers needs
✔️ Completely eliminated tractor agitation
✔️ Offers better grass regrowth rate

Composite of various blue and yellow Dairy Power Slurry Management devices

Bespoke and Patented Long-Life Slurry Management Solutions

Our patented systems are built to last. Designed and manufactured by our team of experts. Working closely with you and understanding your farm, we will help guide you to install the best cost-saving applications.

Blue slurry management tractor inside a cattle shed in the foreground with a cow's head in the background

Save Time & Money - Reduce Labour

Providing a great return on investment, our slurry management solutions will transform the way you farm by reducing your labour hours. Our systems are designed to not only improve your slurry management but to help you to focus on more important tasks.

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With a worldwide team, you are able to find an expert who truly understands your farming culture.

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