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Make the Most of your Dairy Slurry

Dairy slurry can be a fantastic asset for your farm and we want to help you get the very best out of it. When handled in the right way, it can be a fantastic natural fertiliser that promotes fast regrowth rates.

We are passionate about helping dairy farmers with their slurry and making life simpler for them. By using our slurry management products, you can eliminate the need for tractor agitation and make sure that your cows are living in a healthy environment.

So, check out some of our dairy slurry management products that can make your farming simpler.

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The Latest Dairy Slurry News

Farms around the world have been adopting new practices to keep their livestock safer.

We work closely with farmers to make sure that they are getting the very best out of their farming practices, helping them to future-proof themselves and ultimately, offering cost and time effective solutions. When we’re not on the farms, we want to provide you with a platform where you can keep up to date.

So, check out some of the latest dairy slurry news in which we highlight some sector updates, as well as dairy slurry installs from around the globe.

27 Jul, 2022

Irish Holstein Friesian Association National Open Day 2022

5 Jul, 2022

Visiting our Canadian Installations

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