Easy-Flo Backing Gate

Effective Cattle Control and Cleaning

The Dairypower Easy-Flo Backing Gate Scraper System integrates our automatic hydraulic scraper with an advancement gate.

This robust unit is fully galvanised and can be easily installed in yards up to 20 metres wide.

Have full control of your cattle from anywhere in the milking pit and with the peace of mind that once you’ve finished the yard will be perfectly clean.

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We believe in working closely with farmers to understand how we can make their slurry management as simple as possible, aiming to reduce labour hours, fuel costs and improve animal welfare

See our Easy-Flo Gate in Action

Our Dairypower Easy-Flo Gate is combined with our Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper. The system allows for the gentle management of cattle whilst simultaneously cleaning the yard, covering two jobs in one.

We have fitted Backing Gates of 4m (12ft) in cubicle passages where the farmer then closes off the cubicles and uses that passage as a holding yard when milking.

The Backing Gate can be set to move in two pre-set increments: 6ft & 12ft. Giving you control over the flow of cattle from the yard to your facility.

No. Our Backing Gate scraper system can be run using a single or three-phase motor, allowing us to easily install to your current power supply.

The Backing Gate is a rigid structure fixed to the ratchet rails. Depending on the size of the gate, slipways are added for better access and safety. A hinged gate can also be added.

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