Eco-Clean Rope Scraper System

Efficient and Cost-Effective Cleaning

The Eco-Clean Rope Scraper System is the most cost-effective and efficient way of keeping your passageways clean – even passages of up to 200 metres long!

Fully automated, with a simple to use controller, up to 4 passages can be cleaned on the same system, depending on the configuration of the robust, trouble-free winch units.

Our unique, patented double-winch eliminates the need for running two independent winch units. This allows just one drive unit to clean two passages, saving installation time and space.

Highest of Standards

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At Dairypower, we believe in working closely with farmers to understand how we can make their slurry management as simple as possible, aiming to reduce labour hours and fuel costs.

So, even if our Eco-Clean Rope Scraper isn’t for you, may be one of our other slurry management systems will suit. See what we offer in our brochure or feel free to speak to one of our experts.

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See how our Eco-Clean Rope Scrapers have benefitted the Beynon family farm for over ten years. They found it so efficient that they installed the same system in the four, 200ft long passageways that are in their new barn installation.

No. Our high-quality Eco-Clean Rope Scraper blades can be custom-made to the width of each passage, ensuring they are the perfect fit whether the passages are all the same or all different widths.

Depending on how different the lengths of passageways are, our team of experts would supply you with the best option available.

Yes. The Eco-Clean Rope Scraper is the perfect companion for optimum cleaning.

The scraper blades on our Eco-Clean Rope Scraper can be made to fit up to 5m (15ft) wide.

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At Dairypower, we stock all kinds of slurry management systems. Even if our Eco-Clean Rope isn’t for you, we may have a suitable product for you.