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Dairypower are leading designers and manufacturers of pig and hog slurry management products, helping pig farmers to improve their slurry management worldwide.

Produced in large quantities, pig slurry needs to handled effectively. Check out our range of pig slurry management products, pig slurry news and more.

A pig lying down with a focus on it's snout and front left foot of it's body

Make the Most of your Pig Slurry

It comes to the end of the day and your pigs have produced yet another load of slurry ready for you to deal with.

What people often forget is that pig slurry is full of nutrients and can be the perfect solution in helping aid your grass regrowth rate and can be perfect for spreading throughout the year.

Check out some of our scrapers which can help you to manage the amount of slurry your pigs are producing and keep their living areas clean, then our Smart Slurry Aeration System which aerates the slurry and ensures it’s always ready for spreading.

Right side angle of pigs eating from a trough focused on the front part of it's body

Latest Pig Slurry News

Our team have installed slurry management systems for pigs throughout the world. Below, you can see some of our latest installs and how our products have helped farmers to manage their slurry effectively.

With each farm being completely different, see how our team have adapted the products and treated each farm individually so the farmers always get the very best out of each install.

Also, when we’re not chatting about our installs, check out the latest news of how we have been developing our pig slurry management products and how the sector is developing.

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12 Jul, 2022

Farm Safely Podcast with Brian Aherne: The Risks Involved and The Solution to Safe Slurry Handling

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