Visiting our Canadian Installations

Dairypower’s Aeration Manager, Rick Crowley made another trip across the Atlantic in April 2022 to Canada, to check out some installations by our fantastic Canadian dealers! During his travels, Rick was very fortunate to meet with 4 of our dealers based in Canada; Eric Griffin Agri Equip Ltd, Grand River Robotics, J&D Farmers Dairy Service, and Penner Farm Services.

On his travels, Rick visited several Smart Manure Aeration Systems, and a Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper installation and visited a variety of farming enterprises, some of which may even surprise you!

Destination Number One

Eric Griffin Agri Equip, Nova Scotia

Rick and the team from Eric Griffin Agri Equip Ltd travelled to a large-scale dairy farm, near Halifax.

On this model farm, a 140’ diameter round tank was fitted with our Smart Manure Aeration System back in November 2020. Fast forward 18 months, to now, the benefits received from this Smart Manure Aeration System installation are incredible, just take a look at the consistency of this slurry and see for yourself!

This is only one of several outstanding Smart Manure Aeration System installations by Eric Griffin Agri Equip Ltd.

Destination Number Two

Grand River Robotics, Ontario

The next stop was Ontario, with Grand River Robotics.

Rick and the team headed to a dairy farm in Collingwood, Ontario, with both our Smart Manure Aeration System as well as our Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper installed.

This is a robotic dairy farm with a 110’ diameter round slurry tower, fitted with our Smart Manure Aeration System, and also one 70’ passage of our Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper. These systems have been in operation since 2020.

Following the first dairy farm visit, it was time to switch things up, and take a trip to a hog farm! 4 tanks, 156’ in length were fitted with our Smart Manure Aeration System here back in 2020. Here’s a throwback to the installation…

You may be familiar with the next farm from our previous social media videos.

This large-scale dairy farm in Mildmay, Ontario had 20 tanks fitted with 160 lines of our Smart Manure Aeration System! For a tank this size, there is no way of manually agitating it, so our Smart Manure Aeration System was essential for this dairy farm start-up.

In case you may have missed it, check out the video here…

Now that you’ve seen the underground of this incredible-sized barn, let’s see what’s above ground…

Following this fantastic dairy farm, we headed to another new facility, this time hog. On this farm there are 1500 pigs on a finishing system – the Smart Manure Aeration System was installed in early 2022, we even have a previous blog written on this install! Have a read here.

Destination Number Three

J&D Farmers Dairy Services

The journey continued to Vancouver, to join J&D Farmers Dairy Services.

Here, Rick was very lucky to visit a water buffalo farm. This would be an extremely rare sight back in Ireland!

This water buffalo farm had our Smart Manure Aeration System in operation, not only is it a farm, but also a water treatment centre.

Destination Number Four

Penner Farm Services, Manitoba

The final stop on Rick’s expedition was with Penner Farm Services, Manitoba.

Penner Farm Services have one Smart Manure Aeration System that they retrofitted on a dairy farm back in 2020, across 6 tanks, approximately 75’ x 60’, each in size.

This is a local farm, located in Landmark, Manitoba, where they breed some stunning Holstein Friesian cows. On this farm, they are milking around 1200 cows on a 60 stall rotary parlour. From first look at this barn, you would never even think our aeration system was there!

Here is another throwback to the installation back in 2020….

What a Trip!

A massive thank you to Eric Griffin Agri Equip Ltd, Grand River Robotics, J&D Farmers Dairy Services Ltd and Penner Farm Services for their continued business, and thank you to all farms involved in giving us this wonderful opportunity to visit their Dairypower systems and their marvellous farming enterprises!

We look forward to seeing our business continuously grow in Canada, and to many more trips across the Atlantic.

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