Are you fed up with the traditional method of slurry agitation, with your tractor? Why put yourself, your workers or your animals at risk with this old-school method of slurry agitation? Reduce your workload, time and costs with our industry-leading custom-made Smart Slurry Aeration System, which is advanced aeration technology designed to replace the older, less efficient methods of tractor slurry agitation.

Our Smart Slurry Aeration System was created as an alternative to the potentially harmful tractor agitation. This completely removes the need for this older type of agitation as our system works using air bubbles, in a different way to ensure that the slurry is homogenous, pumpable state, 365 days of the year. 

The Importance of Good Slurry Management

With the livestock sector accounting for 88% of total ammonia emissions in the UK, and ammonia emissions from manure storage accounting for 9% of the UK agricultural total, the need for action to address the problem has become inescapable. Ireland is facing a similar situation, and the rest of Europe is also preparing to deal with this issue.

Since 2019 the Clean Air Strategy policy has been put in place by the UK government and includes direct action on the farming industry to reduce ammonia emissions through advancements in infrastructure and equipment. Ireland has seen similar policy developments which feed into the development of a new Clean Air Strategy, such as the National Air Pollution Control Programme and the public consultation on the new solid fuel regulations and the Climate Action Plan 2021.

This is where Dairypower steps in to provide solutions in line with these new regulations. We have designed and crafted advanced environmentally friendly equipment and products which make the management of slurry a breeze for you and your animals. 

Our industry-leading products are made to the highest standards of quality and in line with eco-friendly practices which least impact our environment. We provide some of the best solutions for slurry management which work in symbiotic harmony with our precious environment, ensuring we look after the planet we all live on.

Nutrient-Rich Slurry

Our bespoke Smart Slurry Aeration System is one of the best solutions for your slurry management and storage. This system promotes the increase of the nutrient content present in the slurry. Our system continuously aerates the slurry ensuring that toxic gases like ammonia and hydrogen sulphide do not build up and cannot cause future problems. 

It also allows for the increase in the Nitrogen value present in the slurry. As Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients for growing crops in fields, its increased presence in your slurry will reduce the need for additional chemical fertilisers as well as promote grass and silage yields, which can be used as fodder for your animals in the winter season. By using our Smart Slurry Aeration System it is possible to increase grass yield up to 14%.

Grass Regrowth Graph

Aeration System 9

Aeration vs Tractor Agitation

As our system continually aerates the slurry from one side of the tank to the other there is no hard crust that forms from this procedure. Due to the lack of hard crust, the slurry does not develop a chance to form the harmful gases that are side effects of tractor-style agitation. 

Gases like ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulphide are produced in large quantities from the traditional method which allows a crust to develop on the slurry. This crust then has to be broken at some point in order to agitate the slurry and make it into a spreadable state. 

However, with our bespoke aeration system, there will never be a need to form a crust on your slurry again. Step into the future of slurry management with our specialist market-leading Smart Slurry Aeration System and discover the benefits of our system today, as well as reducing your farm’s impact on the environment.

Smart Slurry Aeration System

Our one-of-a-kind smart system works on a low-pressure, high-volume basis. A roots-style blower pump and energy-efficient drive unit supply air via the Dairypower patented rotary valves to non-return outlet valves fixed to the base of the tank. Each outlet branch sequentially aerates a section of the tank, until the entire tank is fully aerated. The simple physical action of rising air bubbles mixes and moves the slurry and creates an aerobic environment with no need for any further agitation.

As already mentioned, this system avoids the need for the traditional tractor agitation method, which can potentially be harmful. Instead, our exceptional aeration system ensures we are consistently using environmentally friendly methods for keeping the slurry in a homogeneous, pumpable and easily spreadable state. 

Since the introduction of this system to the Irish market in 1998, we have expanded to a point where there are now more than 4000 systems in operation worldwide, which is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our flagship product.

Increased Nutrient Content

One of the greatest benefits of this system is that it boosts the grass regrowth rate by enhancing the Nitrogen content of the slurry. Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients for increasing silage field yields and if you use our system the Nitrogen can increase up to 70% in the slurry, which in turn will lead to increased yields on your silage grounds, with the availability of these additional nutrients. It also increases the Phosphorus and Potassium content available in the slurry, and your fields will simply love these extra nutrients!


Features of Our System

Our industry-leading Smart Slurry Aeration System can assist you in the effortless management of your animal waste and slurry storage facilities. Our excellent Smart Slurry Aeration System can be custom designed to the specific size and shape of your slurry storage facility and can be retrofitted to any tank, regardless of its size and structure. The system is truly unique and adaptable to almost any size storage tank.

In addition, the Smart Slurry Aeration System has become known as one of the most cost-effective solutions for slurry management within the farming industry sector. Many of our clients who have installed the Smart Slurry Aeration System on their farms have seen their fertiliser costs reduced by up to 50% with the integration of our system. These significant cost reductions cannot be ignored! Invest in an environmentally sound solution today, with Dairypower.

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