Installs at Collins Dairy Farm in County Kilkenny

The Collins family milk 400 crossbred cows on their dairy farm in County Kilkenny, Ireland. They were looking for a way to manage their slurry effectively while withstanding their high animal welfare standards.

By opting for an Eco Clean Rope Scraper for their outdoor cubicles and an Easy Flo Backing Gate for the collecting yard outside their milking parlour, they were able to manage their slurry more efficiently while making sure that their livestock remains clean and comfortable.

Eco Clean Rope Scrapers

In their new outdoor cubicles, the Collins family opted for our Eco Clean Rope Scrapers utilising 3 double-winch units, meaning that they can scrape six of their passageways in total. Set as pairs, one scraper is cleaning as the other backs up.

Operating automatically every two hours, they can trust the system to do all the work itself. Although, if they want to control the system manually, they can do so with our easy-to-use control panel.

We understood that cow safety was important to the Collins family, our Eco Clean Rope Scrapers were ideal as they operate at a slow and steady pace so their livestock could simply walk over them, preventing any lameness in the herd.

Since the install in 2018, there has been very little need for maintenance on their new system, making the Eco Clean Rope Scrapers a reliable investment.

Easy Flo Backing Gate

For their collecting yard, the Collins family decided to opt for our Easy Flo Backing Gate. When they installed their new milking set up they wanted to have full control over their cow flow into the parlour, reducing the labour for them while milking.

Thanks to the simplicity of the Dairypower Easy Flo Backing Gate, their yard was able to be cleaned without the need for a tractor scraper or the hassle of using a hose. Being able to integrate their Easy Flo Backing Gate with their Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System, they are able to ensure that their cows are safe due to their new reliable and trouble-free system.

Their collecting yard holds up to 400 cows. That’s a lot of cows to manage. Our Easy Flo Backing Gate can be installed up to 20 metres wide and have slipways for the farmer to move through the gate, which is an excellent safety feature and makes it easier for them to manoeuvre throughout the yard!

The Easy Flo Backing Gate is easily controlled from ‘cups on’ in their rotary milking parlour, meaning that they don’t have to walk to a control box to get it moving. This means that they can spend more time working with their cows and once they are finished, can easily return the gate back to the park position. The Collins family loved how easy the Easy Flo Backing Gate was to use and how it kept their cows safe. See below how it could be the perfect system for you.

‘We got our Easy Flo Backing Gate installed back in 2020 to complement our new milking set up and give us full control over the flow of cattle into the parlour. I love how simple the system is, it’s easy to use and does a great job of cleaning the main holding pen after the last cows are in. The slipways in the gate make it safer for us and the option to open up the side gate allows us to manage separated cows!’

– Mark Collins, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

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