Dairy Slurry Aeration: Getting the best out of your slurry

Farmers are facing increasing pressures to adapt to the changing climate of environmental friendliness and animal welfare. Although dairy intake is reducing year by year, ethical farming and ensuring that cows are happy and safe is of the utmost importance to farmers around the world.

To maintain these safety standards, there is no longer a need for fuel-thirsty tractor agitators or to add any dangerous chemicals. Introducing the Dairypower slurry technology system improves reliability and lowers capital costs.

Dairypower’s Smart Slurry Aeration System yields many benefits. With our system, there is no need for any tractor agitation, keeping your animals undisturbed. Your slurry is consistent and maintained in a homogeneous state all year round.

See how introducing one of our slurry management systems could benefit your farming practices, keep your animals happy and reduce your carbon footprint.

So, what is dairy slurry aeration?

Aeration is a necessary but growing field (you see what we did there), in farming. With countless nitrate vulnerable zones popping up across the world, ensuring a consistent and low-emission slurry is becoming essential to any farmer.

Our Smart Slurry Aeration System ensures that your slurry is consistent, full of nutrients and keeps your animals safe. This means that you can extract slurry without disturbing your animals or having to move them, saving time and money. For more information, see our video explaining how our system works.

Now, a Little About Us.

Dairypower is an expanding company headed by a team of experts with farmers’ needs at the heart of what we do. Founded in Ireland by John O’Donovan in 1973, they have expanded to help farmers worldwide in many aspects of slurry management.

After immersing ourselves in the farming industry for years, it seems that most have common goals when it comes to their slurry output. One is to ensure that the slurry can become a valuable and consistent fertilizer. Another is to be able to extract and empty slurry tanks safely without agitating or disturbing your livestock.

Throughout our time as a company, we have ensured to work closely with farmers so that we can put ourselves in their shoes and understand what is needed. Although many farmers have needs for ensuring that labour is reduced and that animals are safe, there is a growing need to ensure that practices are environmentally friendly.

When the slurry is aerated, it finds itself in a liquid state, no matter how long it is stored. The elimination of agitation makes for a safer environment for the animals and the farmer, while our systems ensure that no unpleasant smells are released from the mixture. Our systems can offer up to a 90% reduction in methane emissions.

At Dairypower, we are committed to ensuring the well-being of farmers, their livestock and that they are best prepared for the future.

How We Helped Nick

We have been at the forefront of aeration technology for over 25 years and prepared agricultural sites for the modern world of farming. We have installed efficient systems in many climates, with our high-quality systems able to operate under even the toughest conditions.

One farm that saw great benefit from our slurry management was Nick Dollard. Nick found the main benefit to be that he can extract slurry safely without disturbing the animals. See more about Nick’s story here.

One of the benefits of a Dairypower system is that it can be retrofitted to any tank. This means that there is potential to improve your slurry management no matter your farming setup.

The Future of Farming

The future of farming is uncertain, there is mounting pressure from many external groups for a change of farming practices and the ways in how people consume produce is ever-changing. This means that the farming world has to ensure that they are adaptable to these changes.

For example, farmers are feeling pressure from environmental groups to reduce their carbon footprint and to increase animal welfare. Although this is the priority for farmers, there is equipment available to make these aspects simpler.

In any case, with all of the external pressures that are mounting on farmers, Dairypower’s Smart Slurry Aeration System reduces labour hours and fuel costs, ensuring that you can spend your time on more important tasks and that you can be sure of a reduction in dangerous gases.

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