Dairypower Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System in Taiwan

Below are some photos of a new Dairypower Pro-Clean Ratchet scraper system recently installed in Taiwan by our distributor Agrochen (See: www.agrochen.com.tw/alley-scraper).

Agrochen began distributing Dairypower systems in Taiwan in 2014 and this recent installation was for ChuLu Dairy in Taitung county.  They installed our scrapers into 7 Passages and have been delighted with the results.

Dairypower is the foremost European designer and manufacturer of automatic hydraulic yard scraper systems and our patented system has many unique features making it the safest and most trouble-free system in the world.

The system is hydraulically operated, which means fewer moveable parts and considerably less risk of breakdowns. Also see the Dairypower Hydraulic Rope Scraper System which incorporates a hydraulic motor and winch unit to clean barn alley ways.