Dairypower visits the Netherlands

Pat and Rick recently visited the Netherlands to spend a few days with our Dutch dealers DSD Stalinrichting.

On the first day we visited Diarycampus Leeuwarden where we had previously fitted two Smart Slurry Aeration Systems and who were carrying out test trials on the methane and emissions reduction from using our Smart Slurry Aeration Systems as opposed to traditional pumping mixers.

Dairycampus Leeuwarden is the Dutch dairy chain, fuelled by more than 18,000 dairy farmers.  It aims to promote sustainable development, while simultaneously enhancing and expanding its position in an increasingly global market. The test results are looking extremely good and we’ll keep you posted as soon as trials are completed!

On our second day, we paid a visit to one of our Smart Slurry Aeration Systems just installed in Aarlanderveen along with our Dutch dealer DSD Stalinrichting.

The Dairypower Smart Slurry Aeration System is now established as being the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of keeping slurry in a homogenous pumpable state that is always ready to spread. The system introduced to the Irish market in 1998 is now established as a market leader in Ireland with over 400 systems in operation.  For more details see our website www.dairypower.com

All in all, it was a great trip back to the Netherlands and great to see more of Daiypower’s systems in action and working as they should.