The handling and management of manure is a top priority of beef farmers. It is important to ensure that alleyways and barns are kept in the highest standards of cleanliness possible. It has long been known in this industry that beef cattle manure is one of the more difficult livestock wastes to deal with. However here at Dairypower, we have made specialist solutions unique to these challenges, ensuring that the beef manure can be dealt with as easily as possible, and with as little intervention as possible.  

Dairypower has established our class-leading products as a staple of the manure management industry. Working in the agricultural industry since 1973, and delivering high-quality manure management systems since 1998, we have grown from strength to strength to a position where we have installed thousands of bespoke manure management systems across the entire globe. Our top-of-the-line manure management systems offer tailor-made solutions which can be custom installed to suit the exact shape and size specifications that your barn or holding yard requires.

1. Healthier Cattle with Optimal Hygiene

Improve your cattle health, thanks to excellent barn hygiene with one of Dairypower’s farm-efficient manure management systems. A clean floor in your barn prevents a range of hoof problems and keeps tails and udders clean. Cattle behave more calmly and naturally in a clean environment. By keeping the barn clean and hygienic, cow health improves, as does the general well-being of the animals.

In order to create an environment of optimal hygiene Dairypower has crafted some phenomenal product solutions to assist these needs on farm. Our automatic scraper systems have become highly regarded in the farming industry as one of the best and simplest solutions to clearing barns, and moving manure to the available storage facility while keeping alleyways pristine. If these structures are constantly clean your animals are at a far lesser risk of illness or injuries.

These hydraulic scrapers have been installed on thousands of farms across the globe and have helped to modernise these farms, as well as to reduce the unnecessary workload spent cleaning barns for cattle.

2. Keeping Your Barns and Cattle Clean

The daily routine of scraping manure several times per day is a thing of the past with the Dairypower automatic scraper systems. The manure scraper cleans the barn floor, at designated times chosen by the farmer, without the need for human intervention. These scrapings occur at the times and along the alleyways, you choose yourself, without causing a single disturbance to your cattle. This provides you a clean barn in which you can work enjoyably, safely and efficiently.

These systems not only offer greater convenience, but the farmers who invest in them know that good hygiene in their barns is vitally important for the maintenance of their business, as they are producing a food product, in this case, beef.

Keeping beef cattle housing at a clean standard is important for many reasons, these being; clean cattle at slaughter will minimise any risks to human health, as well as this, cleaner cattle will lead to more efficient processing. It is essential to have a high standard of cleanliness in meat production and it all begins back at the barn! Salmonella, campylobacter, and E. coli 0157 contamination risk is increased when dirty cattle are sent to be slaughtered, putting the health of consumers at risk. Beef producers who deliver clean cattle for slaughter are playing their role in the production of a safe food product that consumers can have confidence in.

By keeping the manure alleyways clean with an automated manure scraper, farmers can keep their cattle healthy and offer them greater comfort. Moreover, healthy cattle produce better-quality beef and have higher growth rates than unhappy, unhealthy cattle.

3. Time-Saving Automations

Owing to the fact that our systems are automated, our scraper systems take a daily task out of your hands and can ensure they reach everywhere in the barn. This saves considerable time. You can also set the Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System or Eco-Clean Rope Scraper System to work several times a day for optimum hygiene in your barn.

Thanks to the innovative automation features of these products, you determine how the cleaning route works and how often you want to have your barn or yards cleaned. Cattle are completely unbothered by our manure scraper systems, ensuring a safe and healthy living environment for both livestock and the farmer.

We have also improved livestock security by adding a few other simple safety features that will prevent any injuries to down cattle and calving cows with this manure scraper system. There is also a manual override function in case of unforeseen circumstances, that may require it.

Eco-Clean Rope Scraper 3

Which System is the Best Choice, Rope or Ratchet?

There are several different types of manure management systems which can be used on farms to deal with animal waste. Dairypower has specialised in the ones that we feel will most benefit the smooth running of your farming operation. Working in conjunction with agricultural and manure management experts we have created two spectacular systems, namely the Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System and Eco-Clean Rope Scraper System, both of which are designed to scrape manure with great efficiency and without disturbing your cattle.

In general, farmers base their choice for a manure scraper on various factors. It depends on the type and number of animals, for example, the type of floor and the size of the barns. It does not matter if the barn has slatted floors, or if they have concrete walkways, a manure scraper is usually the perfect addition to these structures, to deal with handling manure and moving it out from the barn to the manure storage facility.

Taking everything into consideration, the best method of barn cleaning in different countries depends on various factors. And so, from an international point of view, when it comes to the use of different manure scrapers, farming businesses are quite similar, in this regard.

Ratchet Scraper 9

Dairypower Solutions

Dairypower provides two slurry management solutions for keeping floors clean in livestock barns, alleyways and their living areas. These are our Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System and Eco-Clean Rope Scraper System. We also provide an additional solution for the storage of the manure, eliminating tractor agitation and reducing gas emissions. This comes in the form of our Smart Manure Aeration System, which is a unique system that contains a manure pump that sequentially aerates the manure tank during storage, running for a couple of periods of the day, keeping your manure in a constant spreadable state.

Reap The Benefits

Reap the full benefits of our custom install manure management solutions and find out more about our cutting-edge industry-leading manure management systems and how they assist the cleaning process in your barn, today. Visit our website at to book a demonstration.