The Modern Farming Age

In the modern farming age, technology is continually evolving and advancing, allowing for the more efficient management of dairy farms and barns. Here at Dairypower we have created up-to-date and unique Slurry Management solutions which can assist you in modernising your dairy farm. Slurry from housed livestock contains valuable nutrients that should be recycled back to land in an environmentally sustainable manner, and we provide a range of bespoke solutions for all of these needs.

Floor hygiene is the core element in overall shed cleanliness, and indeed it is a key factor to consider when caring for dairy cows and rearing maiden heifers. Dairypower has designed and installed thousands of custom systems across the globe to deal with these requirements present in any dairy farm, and we have been leaders in creating unique solutions ensuring maximum cleanliness. 

Installing and using one of our market-leading scraper systems will assist with these tasks, where the cattle will not have to stand/walk on their own slurry for a long period of time, and it has the added bonuses of reducing both labour time and costs of running your dairy farm, as the farmer does not need to worry about manually scraping the shed passageways due to the integration of our bespoke slurry scraper systems.

Our Class Leading Slurry Management Systems

We offer a choice of either Eco-Clean Rope Scraper  system or the Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System. These two unique solutions will scrape the floors several times a day or night, thanks to the timer in combination with our scraper system. These scraper systems ensure the cleanest solution with the least amount of labour to achieve this result.

We also offer another system: the Smart Slurry Aeration System, and this can assist with the effective storage of slurry once it has been scraped from your milking parlour floor. This system reduces the storage capacity required, as rainwater is not collected and also reduces gaseous exchange with air to further reduce ammonia loss. Stores are mixed via a ‘low rate’ aeration system which works on a low pressure, high volume basis and greatly reduces both methane and hydrogen sulphide production during slurry storage. 

This has positive environmental benefits including reduced risks caused by harmful slurry gases produced when agitating the slurry with a tractor agitator. Our systems can ensure slurry is always in a consistent state and ready for spreading whenever conditions allow which is another very important feature of this storage system. As our Smart Slurry Aeration System is designed to reduce ammonia emmisions, it improves its value as a fertiliser by increasing the Nitrogen value of the slurry. This Nitrogen contributes to the raised nutrient value of the slurry.

Rope Scraper 2

Eco-Clean Rope Scraper

This is a fully automated system which can be controlled from a single panel and allows for up to four passageways to be cleaned at the same time. This is an excellent solution to save costs and labour time and the system can be installed in passageways up to 200 meters wide.

This system includes a unique double winch that moves in both directions, and this is a patented part of this spectacular product. This double winch allows for the cleaning of your yard in both directions and the installation of as little as one winch in your building, depending on your specific number of passageways. This results in saving you space and farm costs. 

We use the same high-quality blades in the Eco-Clean Rope Scraper system that can be found on the Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper system and these blades have been in use on our products for over 30 years on thousands of installations! A testament to the reliability and longevity of the system, securing its place as a market-leading innovator within the slurry management industry.

Benefits of the Eco-Clean Rope Scraper

The benefits of this system include:

  • Fully Automated – set up cleaning times and frequency to your needs using the timer settings
  • Optimum cleaning
  • Low-energy consumption
  • Faster cleaning cycle
  • Quiet operation

Consult our in-depth brochure regarding the Eco-Clean Rope Scraper, by clicking here: Eco-Clean Rope Scraper Brochure

Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System

This system is a patented unique Automatic Hydraulic Yard Scraper System, which has come to be known as the Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System

A class-leading automatic scraper system which is designed to operate in a range of extreme temperature conditions, making it a one-of-a-kind system worldwide! This slurry scraper system can operate in harsh and extreme environmental conditions such as the freezing temperatures reached in countries like Norway and Canada and in very hot climates like those of Cyprus and Taiwan. 

This type of system ensures your slurry management systems can become as simple and effective as possible, reducing the costs and labour hours needed to clean any type of barn. 

Consult our in-depth brochure regarding the Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System, by clicking here: Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System Brochure

Backing Gate 3

Easy-Flo Backing Gate

Our Easy-Flo Backing Gate is one of the best solutions we offer to modernise your milking parlour and dairy farm management. 

This Easy-Flo Backing Gate is an advanced integration for our Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System. With many unique features that allow you to gain complete control over the flow of your cows whilst having the peace of mind that any milking parlour yard is then cleaned automatically by the heavy-duty scraper units, once milking is complete. 

This robust unit is fully galvanised and can be easily installed in yards up to 20 metres wide. This unique backing gate gives you full control of your cows from anywhere in the milking pit and creates the peace of mind that once you’ve finished the holding yard will be perfectly clean.

Consult our in-depth brochure regarding the Easy-Flo Backing Gate, by clicking here: Easy-Flo Backing Gate Brochure

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