Step into the future of farming with the next generation of slurry management systems. Dairypower has established our class-leading products as a staple of the slurry management industry. Since we introduced our unique slurry management products to the Irish market in 1998, we have grown from strength to strength to a position where we have installed tens of thousands of bespoke slurry management systems across the entire globe. Our top-of-the-line slurry management systems offer tailor-made solutions which can be custom installed to suit the exact shape and size specifications that your farm or holding yard requires.

Now, more than ever there is a pressing urgency to ensure we factor the environment into all activities of farming enterprises. Since 2019 the UK government has introduced the Clean Air Strategy Policy, which is legislation that requires all farmers to reduce their harmful gas emissions by 2027. In addition, the Irish government has also implemented their own Clean Air Strategy Policy in line with these environmental concerns. Due to these factors, we continuously strive to create products that reduce slurry’s impact on our planet and our precious environment.

Versatile Slurry Management

Our bespoke systems are completely adaptable to almost all requirements of any farmer. No matter what the shape or size of your slurry tank or slurry stores, we can create a system that flawlessly integrates into your farming enterprise, whether it be a new venture or an upgrade of an older system. The older systems which were a staple of the existing farming industry have evolved over the years, to include more technologically advanced and environmentally friendly versions that work in symbiotic harmony with our precious environment.

Smart Slurry Aeration System 10

Working in Harmony with the Environment

Dairypower has created the class-leading Smart Slurry Aeration System which is an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional methods of tractor agitation. The Smart Slurry Aeration System could be the simple addition to your slurry tank and the answer to your agitation issues.

Slurry is stored in a tank of any kind as normal, our Smart Slurry Aeration System is fixed as pipework to the base of the tank. Air is then pumped into the base of the tank, producing bubbles which migrate through the slurry, moving to the top of the tank. This is how the system gets its name as an aeration system. This will happen for 1 minute in each section of the tank until the tank is fully aerated. The system will run 4-6 times per day. Incorporating this system into your slurry storage will prevent a hard crust from developing, avoiding the production of harmful or toxic gases.

The use of our aeration system allows for up to a 70% increase in Nitrogen available in your slurry, this can be utilised when spreading slurry on silage and grazing grounds to produce a high-yielding and highly palatable grass.

Dairypower’s unique aeration system has been shown to reduce ammonia gas emissions by up to 50%, which is a huge reduction! Simply by installing and utilising one of our phenomenal systems, you can rest assured that you are doing your part to protect the environment, yourself and your livestock. In addition to ensuring your farm and work environment is up to the highest standard of safety possible.

Proudly Manufactured in Cork, Ireland

Dairypower is based in the breathtaking countryside of Co. Cork, Ireland. Our headquarters are located in Blarney, which is found in the rolling hills of Cork, surrounded by the Co.Cork farming industry. We take inspiration from this environment and make sure our products are suitable for this environment, and all other types of environmental conditions. Our headquarters are the location of manufacture for all of the systems that we sell. As we always work in tandem with our clients, this will ensure we create the most suitable product that specifically handles all of their requirements as efficiently as possible. 

Once we have finished designing the perfect system that our client requires, we can begin the manufacturing process. We then custom-design our unique system here in our headquarters in Blarney, Cork and once this process is complete, we can ship our system anywhere in the world.

All Around the World

Now exporting to over 40 countries worldwide, we build systems suitable for all kinds of climates. Because of the fact that many different kinds of climates are present on our planet, this led us to make products that can operate in the widest possible range of temperature variations. Indeed our products such as our world-class automatic scraping systems are made to operate in extreme temperatures ranging from the very cold and snowy climates of Canada and Norway all the way through to the high temperatures of Taiwan and Israel. 

Make harsh winters and sweltering summer conditions a thing of the past with our exclusive slurry solutions. Invest in your farm’s success and bring it in line with the best practices of the modern farming industry expectations. Explore our worldwide installations by checking out some of our latest projects on our site. View our latest case studies indicating the success of our most recent installations, thanks to our expert team.

Dairypowers installation team of experts

Our Skilled Team on Hand

Our team was recently on hand to install a new Smart Slurry Aeration System for a dairy farm in West Cork. We have grown our team to include specialist highly trained workers who focus on installing our systems and adapting them to the exact requirements of each customer’s farming enterprise. We provide extensive training to every single employee who will become an expert in this field of slurry management and installation.

On-Farm Installations

We always work in close collaboration with our valued customers, and once we have created the most suitable solution for each farm, we can begin manufacturing your bespoke system. When this manufacturing process is completed we can ship our system anywhere in the world and assist you with an installation, ensuring that your system is ready to operate at full capacity.

Thanks to the forward-thinking design of our spectacular Smart Slurry Aeration System with its sophisticated network of uPVC pipework, this system will ensure that the farmer’s slurry is ready to spread all year round, while also eliminating dangerous gases produced from tractor agitation! This system removes all the headaches and extra responsibilities associated with the traditional tractor agitation processes.

Other Dairypower Systems

Dairypower provides a range of slurry management solutions, some of which are for keeping floors clean and moving slurry to storage from animal sheds, passageways and holding yards. These are our Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System and Eco-Clean Rope Scraper System

With each farm and enterprise being completely different, our team has adapted the products and treated each farm individually so the farmers always get the very best out of each installation.

Reap the Benefits

Reap the full benefits of our custom install slurry management solutions and find out more about our cutting-edge industry-leading slurry management systems today. Visit our website at and book a demonstration.