Here at Dairypower, we have been in operation for close to 50 years. Initially, we produced milking machines for the dairy industry. When we noticed a recurring problem in the majority of the farming systems we encountered in 1998, we extended our business and started creating slurry management solutions. Their slurry collection, storage, and utilisation were a hassle and took a lot of time.

To ensure that slurry collection was made easy and a task of the past, we then launched our hydraulic scraper systems to the market. In order to manage all of your slurry utilisation demands, we later released our Smart Slurry Aeration System to the market. This system does away with tractor agitation and keeps your slurry in a homogeneous, spreadable state at all times, while most importantly reducing the emissions of harmful gases, creating a safer environment for both the farmer and livestock.

Today, slurry management is our top priority because we are so good at what we do! Tens of thousands of slurry management systems have been supplied by us worldwide, and many of our original installations are still in use today, almost 25 years later!

Not all slurry management systems are created equal! Here at Dairypower we have created bespoke products and crafted industry-leading innovations that can assist the farmer with all possible requirements for modern and efficient slurry management. Our systems are designed to work with new buildings or can be retrofitted to existing structures, of any shape and size. These innovative systems are so flexible and adaptable that they have been used in farm enterprises of every kind across the globe.

Smart Slurry Aeration Unit Circular

Our specialist systems will work with almost any farm animal, however, most of our clients have either dairy cows, beef cattle or pigs on their farms. Since we were established in 1973, we have grown to become one of the top suppliers of slurry management solutions globally. This is evidenced by the fact that we have installed tens of thousands of our exclusive systems in locations all over the world. From Norway to Canada, and Israel to Taiwan, Dairypower has established its name and quality over the last almost 50 years of business!

Modern Slurry Management

In order to run a successful farm that operates smoothly, producing highly productive livestock and great yields it is advisable to build a waste management policy, in advance, that is compliant, sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Climate Action Plan 2021 lays out a roadmap for taking decisive action to achieve a 51% reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and put us on a path to reach net-zero emissions by no later than 2050. Currently, the agricultural sector contributes slightly over 35% of Ireland’s overall GHG emissions, with the management of manure and livestock numbers responsible for more than 80% of these emissions.

Hence, the introduction of Low Emission Slurry Spreading (LESS). This allows for less Nitrogen volatilisation. Increasing the level of Nitrogen in the slurry and also reducing the amount of chemical fertiliser usage. The Dairypower Smart Slurry Aeration System works in a similar way and is the perfect pairing with LESS equipment. This system is a foolproof answer to lowering emissions in the agricultural sector, as it eliminates dangerous gases produced when agitating slurry with a tractor agitator. Along with eliminating tractor agitation completely, there is a large reduction in the amount of tractor diesel used as you no longer have to leave a tractor running for hours on end powering the tractor agitator!

LESS tractor spreading techniques

Environmentally Friendly Systems

Dairypower has created the class-leading Smart Slurry Aeration System which is an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional methods of tractor agitation. This is a far superior system versus the traditional tractor agitation systems, as it reduces the buildup of harmful gases to almost nothing!

The system works on a low-pressure, high-volume basis. A roots-style blower pump and energy-efficient drive unit supply air via the Dairypower patented rotary valves to non-return outlet valves fixed at the base of the tank. Therefore, each outlet branch sequentially aerates the tank, until the entire tank is fully aerated. The very simple physical action of rising air bubbles mixes the slurry and creates an aerobic environment with no need for further agitation.

Normally, when using tractor agitation as your form of mixing slurry, you are allowing a hard crust to develop on top of the slurry and the breaking of this crust is when deadly gases can be produced! The most hazardous time when agitating slurry is within the first 30 minutes when this hard crust is being broken. As this hard crust is broken with a tractor agitator, threatening gases are released. One incorrect move when agitating slurry could be fatal. Hydrogen sulphide cannot be smelled at high concentrations with the gas usually released in substantial quantities shortly after mixing begins in any part of the tank. This is severely unsafe for both the farmer and their livestock, as any exposure to such gases could be catastrophic. 

The use of tractor agitation also results in additional labour units and tractors needed on the farm. Cattle are regularly moved when agitating slurry, many farmers will be familiar with the risks associated with moving eccentric cattle mid-spring.

Incorporating the Smart Slurry Aeration System into your slurry mixing process can reduce the harm caused to the environment by tractor agitation, while also providing a safer environment for both farmer and livestock.


Working in Harmony with the Environment

The use of our phenomenal system has several advantages over the less environmentally friendly outdated methods of mixing slurry and storage. If you install and use our Smart Slurry Aeration System, it will increase the Nitrogen content available in the slurry. This allows for up to 70% more available Nitrogen, greatly impacting grass and crop regrowth. Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients required for healthy, large yields in crops and silage fields, and chemical fertiliser is commonly used to supplement this.

By simply using our aeration system you can ensure that your grass yield will increase, producing a highly palatable grass for your livestock. As our system enhances the production of Nitrogen, by up to 70%, you can expect up to a 14% yield increase in your grass regrowth!

Grass Regrowth Graph




Creating a Cleaner Livestock Environment

As housing hygiene is highly important on farms, especially when producing food such as milk or meat, Dairypower offers two outstanding slurry management solutions for keeping floors clean in animal holding yards, passageways and living areas. These are our Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System and Eco-Clean Rope Scraper System

These scraper systems create a cleaner livestock environment as slurry is moved to storage at programmed times and is no longer collecting at the livestocks feet. Utilising a scraper system on your farm will allow for more time to focus on more important tasks and reduces the need for manually scraping passages.

Modern Environmentally Friendly Solutions

As already mentioned here at Dairypower we have envisioned a cleaner future, one where our products work in symbiotic harmony with our precious environment and your farming enterprise. With this in mind, we have developed several solutions for handling your slurry in a safer, more environmentally friendly manner. We have mentioned our spectacular scraper systems and our environmentally conscious aeration system above.

We also make a backing gate solution for your milking parlour yards. The Easy-Flo Backing Gate combines our unique Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System with an advancement gate. You have complete control over the movement of your cows, while also ensuring your yard will automatically be cleaned by the powerful scraper units. Thanks to the system’s many special features, it is the safest and most trouble-free system in the world.

Reap The Benefits

Reap the full benefits of our custom-install slurry management solutions and learn more about how our cutting-edge industry-leading slurry management systems can work in harmony with the environment today. Visit our website at to book a demonstration.