There are several significant factors which need to be taken into consideration when you are constructing or modifying a milking parlour for your cows and to assist you in making cow management very simple and efficient on your farm. Cow flow is an important factor in dairy management, and is the process of moving the herd comfortably into and out of the dairy. It is a key part of the milking process. Poor cow flow can increase standing time and delay the milking and cleaning process.

How your cows move through your yard and milking parlour is important in ensuring that they are flowing steadily and that they are comfortable every step of the way. Installing and using a backing gate can greatly improve the movement and flow of your cows in and out of the milking parlour, and has become a globally recognised solution to this problem.

The cleaning process post milking can be lengthy, and add up to an hour a day extra work. After all, producing milk is a form of food supply, and best hygiene practice must be taken into consideration. Scraping and washing down yards after milking is a relentless process that can be easily eliminated with the incorporation of our Easy-Flo Backing Gate. Adding this into your milking set-up will ensure gleaming clean yards, and simple cow management all in one.

Automated gates are common in modern dairy operations as they reduce the need for extra manpower and improve the flow of cows through the dairy operation.

What is the Purpose of a Backing Gate?

Backing gates are designed to move your cows from your collection yards onto the milking platform in an orderly manner by gently removing space as cows move on to the milking platform. The gates are powered by either a single or three-phase motor, through purpose-built geared reduction drive units.

Backing gates are manufactured from heavy galvanised pipes. Galvanisation is the process of coating iron or steel with zinc to offer protection from rust and to provide maximum comfort for your cows.

Backing gates are designed to move in short, frequent movements, as it is important to allow time for the cows at the back of the yard to move off the gate. Dairypower integrates our automatic scrapers systems designed to reduce the effort needed for shed cleanup after the milking is complete, to create the Easy-Flo Backing Gate system as a whole.

Backing Gates are manufactured to assist in making milking a faster and stress-free operation for cows and their farmers, while maximising cow flow and operating efficiency, on your farm. All of these time-saving measures will greatly reduce the milking time for your cows and result in a continuous flow in and out of the milking parlour, at a faster pace. All in all, it produces less stress for both cows and operators, creating a highly comfortable and extremely hygienic environment for both.

Easy-Flo Backing Gate

Our Easy-Flo Backing Gate is one of the best solutions we offer to assist when designing and upgrading your milking platform and streamlining your dairy farm management. The Easy-Flo Backing Gate is the perfect upgrade to add to your milking platform and will enhance cow flow and productivity greatly.

This Easy-Flo Backing Gate is an advanced integration for our Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System. With many unique features that allow you to gain complete control over the flow of your cows, from anywhere in the milking pit, whilst having the peace of mind that any milking parlour yard is then cleaned automatically by the heavy-duty scraper units, once milking is complete. These two products integrated as one complete system are the perfect solution working in tandem to keep your yards clean and maximise your cow comfort, assisting you in making your cow management very simple.

Consult our in-depth brochure regarding the Easy-Flo Backing Gate, by clicking here: Easy-Flo Backing Gate Brochure

To see one of our installations for this backing gate and how it is used in operation, click here on this video for the full reveal!

Benefits of Easy-Flo Backing Gate

  • Completes two jobs with one system: controlling the flow of livestock plus highly efficient cleaning
  • Can be easily installed in passageways up to 20 metres wide
  • Optimum cleaning for your milking parlour 
  • Low-energy consumption, making this product very cost-effective
  • Dairy operation efficiency is improved. Streamlining the journey the cows have to take from the field to the holding yard to the milking parlour.
  • Robust, fully galvanised, animal-friendly design
  • Cleaning can be configured to clean in either forward or reverse directions.
  • The operator can control gate advancement from anywhere in the milking pit.
  • Can be programmed to operate at two fixed distances in the yard to bring the cows to the milking parlour and when the farmer is finished, the gate can be returned to the parked position.
  • Slipways are present in the gate design for added safety and additional access to walk down through the yard

MC Milking It Review

Our Backing Gate has become so popular in the dairy management industry and highly regarded for simplifying cow flow during milking times, that the well-known Instagram and TikTok dairy farmer MC Milking It has done an extensive review of this product. As Mark points out in his review, our product is a simple design and therefore there is hardly ever a situation where anything can go wrong or be damaged in this Backing Gate.

Mark demonstrates the easy-to-operate panel, where there are three different settings for the movement of the Backing Gate, as well as a green light indicator to show that the gate is in movement. Check out this review video of our Backing Gate for all of the great features and full details, click on the video below:


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