Installation for Lanstolpi in Iceland

Rick had the pleasure of fitting an Aeration system for Lanstolpi in Selfoss, Iceland last week – He even managed to escape the Irish heatwave and enjoy some refreshing rain!

The aeration installation was fitted in a new building on the Lanstolpi Farm which will take 240 cows milked on four Fullwood milking robots.

The Dairypower Slurry Aeration System is now established as being the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of keeping slurry in a homogenous pumpable state that is always ready to spread. The system introduced to the Irish market in 1998 is now established as a market leader in both Ireland and world wide.

Lanstolpi have been dealers for Dairypower with over 15 years now and have supplied hundreds of installations during that time, including one of our biggest shipments ever!

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