Manure has always been a top priority for farmers. In order to run an efficient and profitable farm which adheres to all of the environmental controls set out in government legislation, farmers need to ensure they have an up-to-date and eco-friendly manure management solution, no matter what type of livestock are present on their farm.

Dairypower provides manure management solutions to all kinds of livestock – but the most common farming enterprises we work with are dairy, beef and pig farms. Each of these animals will require effective manure collection, storage and management in order to maintain a clean and healthy environment, free from potential risks and infections. Very frequently the actual construction design of the livestock housing units will have factored the manure management and collection into the structure by means of a slatted tank, or outside by means of a round manure store or lagoon.

It is common, for example, that dairy cow housing will use manure scrapers to move the manure to a manure store and then incorporate the use of a custom-made aeration system to aerate the manure after collection, leaving the manure in a homogenous, pumpable state at all times.

The manure produced by your animals can be stored and utilised at a future date, on silage fields, cattle grazing and emerging crops, to promote growth and boost the nutrient content present in these fields.

Scraper Technology

Automated passage hydraulic scraper systems are one of the standard solutions for dairy farms and livestock in terms of shifting manure to its storage. These products have been successfully used on livestock farms for decades to keep barns, alleyways and cows as clean as possible. We have worked alongside many farmers, and agricultural and dairy experts who know the ins and outs of producing high-quality farm products, in order for Dairypower to create innovative solutions to all your manure management requirements. 

These scraper systems are an essential part of caring for the cleanliness, safety and comfort of your livestock as they ensure the floors are clean to prevent injuries, lameness and dirt-related illnesses. This allows the animals to move around comfortably and safely within their housing or holding area, resulting in happy and stress-free animals, which will have a direct impact on the milk yield and growth rates. Expert farmers know that utilising an automated scraper system can avoid dirt-related illnesses and slipping on alleyway floors, while simultaneously ensuring all livestock areas are as clean as possible. 

Hydraulic scrapers work by moving manure from the livestock living area to some type of manure storage, creating a cleaner and more efficient way of managing your manure. Cleaning alleyways every couple of hours will ensure there is no excessive build-up of manure. This helps keep the cows cleaner and avoids manure from splashing up onto their udders and into their bedding or cubicles. These hydraulic scrapers cause no disturbance to the livestock, and they have no issue stepping over a moving scraper. They can simply be programmed to work at certain times and then forgotten about, they are so effective at doing their job!


Dairypower Manure Innovations

We have been in business for almost 50 years here at Dairypower, initially working in the dairy industry producing milking machines. In 1998, we expanded our company and began developing manure management solutions as we recognised a repeated issue on most farming systems we came across. This issue was their manure collection, storage and utilisation were laborious and time-consuming!

This is when we introduced our hydraulic scraper systems to the market, to ensure manure collection was made simple and a task of the past! We then later introduced our Smart Slurry Aeration System to the market, to handle all your manure utilisation needs, eliminating tractor agitation and leaving your manure in a homogenous, spreadable state at all times.

We are so good at what we do, that manure management is our main priority as of today! We have distributed tens of thousands of manure management systems across the globe, with many of our first installations still in operation almost 25 years later!

Original Dairypower business team 1973

Eco Clean Rope Scraper installation

Eco-Clean Rope Scraper

One of the most cost-effective and farm-efficient systems we have created is the power scraper Eco-Clean Rope Scraper system. This is a fully automated system which can be controlled from just a single panel and allows for up to four passageways to be cleaned simultaneously. This is an excellent option to consider with the rising energy costs farms are facing, as it is our most economical scraper system. The system can be custom installed in passageways up to 200 meters.

We have also created a unique patented double winch unit, as part of this system, allowing it to go both directions. This allows for the installation of as little as one winch in your building, saving space and costs, instead of requiring two winches to scrape in both directions. We use the same high-quality blades on the Eco-Clean Rope Scraper system that can be found on the Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System, and these systems which were put in place over 30 years ago are still in perfect working order! This is a true testament to the quality and robustness of our scrapers.

Benefits of Eco-Clean Rope Scraper

  • Fully Automated System – set up cleaning times and frequency to your needs using the timer settings
  • Optimum cleaning
  • Low-energy consumption
  • Faster cleaning cycle
  • Quiet operation

This system integrates a unique 20cm diameter x 20cm deep winch drum, which allows for ease of operation, and this design allows optimal lateral movement of the rope/cable as it is wrapped around the rotating drum. The coiling of the rope can be performed without any excessive friction, avoiding the usual cause of premature wear of the equipment and rope/cable.

Eco Clean Rope Scraper 3

Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System

This system is a patented unique Automatic Hydraulic Yard Scraper System, which has come to be known in the industry as the Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System

This class-leading automatic scraper system is designed to operate in all kinds of extreme temperature conditions, making it the only system of this kind across the globe! This manure scraper system can operate in harsh and extreme environmental conditions such as the freezing temperatures reached in countries like Iceland and Canada. It can also work on the other end of the spectrum in very hot climates of countries like Israel and Taiwan. The system is so well designed that it can effectively operate in any temperature range.

Pro Ratchet Scraper System 3

Benefits of Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper

This type of system ensures your manure management systems can become as simple and effective as possible, reducing the costs and labour hours needed to clean any type of barn. 

  • Fully Automated – set up cleaning times and frequency to your needs using the timer settings
  • Trouble-free operation in all climate conditions
  • Low-energy consumption
  • Optimum Cleaning
  • Easily installed with no pre-installation
  • Long-lasting – fully galvanised, a heavy-duty system with many in operation 25+ years after install
  • Works off a single or 3-phase motor
  • Wide range of customisable scraper blades

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